Tuesday, September 27, 2011

work on the bench

A little maquette of copper and silver dust.

It feels somewhat scaleless in these pictures and as I constructed and soldered on the walls it did feel very familiar.  It felt like architecture, spatial, volume defined, created and delineated.

I'm testing shape and proportion and thickness.  I'm testing the aperture.  It's not there yet.  A receptacle for slices and chunks of labradorite stone.

There will be a series of these 'buildings', they will tessellate and relate to one another and tell a story that  I construct in my head as I sketch and draw firstly on paper, then on copper and finally on silver.

The narrative is rooted in the Eskimo story that explains how the Northern Lights came into being.  I've written about this before in this post.

"There is an Eskimo legend which is woven around the mercurial properties of labradorite.  They say that the Northern Lights were once held captive in the rocks along the coast of Labrador.  The story goes that an Eskimo warrior found the rocks.  Using all his strength he struck the rocks with his spear.  Some of the light was set free to flicker and roam in the stratosphere but some of the light remained trapped creating the stone we call labradorite."


  1. oooooo, i love that story. i do think it looks like you are constructing a miniature buiding of sorts.......love seeing the process.

    hey, is that babco on your table a vice? it looks awesome. my neighbor tom would covet it. he and gar just broke his 30 year old vice working on g's car. luckily we had an awesome replacement vintage vice in the shed. plus, tom welded the old one back together.

    but that babco looks substantial!

  2. ps- i post some 'dewy' pics for you today :)i got down nearly to my knees. LOL!

  3. Which only makes my Labrodorite necklace feel even more special..trapped northern light!

  4. Oh yes my babco vice- a present from my brother. It is a little large for jewellery making (you could fit a car in it I think, or def. a car part) - but it is a hefty ol' fellow. So much so I don't even need to attach it to my bench. I use if for holding my ring mandrel.

    Pamela - just come back here from looking at your dew pictures! And the lovely barn.

    Andrea - yes, once I'd sent your pendant off I went straight out and bought some more chunks of the stuff. It really is special stuff.

  5. The Eskimo story is beauiful!


  6. Noas - it isn't it? And it kind of makes sense too which makes it even more beautiful!


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