Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I caught in my net today

A storm is coming.  Across the sea.  The wind is beginning to pick up.  I think my tiles will be flapping tonight!

10 September 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes
The tide left a line of broken bodies.  Excavated clean by the gulls and other marauders. The shells that were left behind were so beautiful.  All shades of orange, red and green.

Look at that beautiful spotted line!  So delicate and punctuated with perfection!  I'm not sure I've spotted this before (no pun intended).

This bit of cuttle fish bone reminds me of the 3D prints we get done of some of our architectural models. A little layered landscape.

I think that was a pretty impressive haul for today.

Here's hoping you snagged a few beauties today also.

Bonne nuit mes amis!


  1. Nature can totally amaze me especially up close! Great post! Julia

  2. I live at the sea, but never seen such beautiful pictures of sealife on the beach ! Magic !

  3. Thank you Julia and zsazsazsu! I keep thinking I've seen it all, and then the tide washes up something new and I'm surprised all over again.

  4. Yes, when there's been a storm, wonders from the deep pop us to amaze us. I love it. Beautiful photos Cari. Mrs L x

  5. I love knowing that Im not the only one who views the world this way.. great photos

  6. How lovely. Your photography accompanied by your words really invoke magic! One of my favorite hobbies is collecting sea glass... it's both therapeutic and exciting...


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