Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Possibilities, Projects and a whole lot of Pondering

Every now and again I just have to look at it all.  I lay it out.  The half finished, the work in progress, the found, the purchased, the big and the small.

Some will go back in the drawer and some will rest in a wooden tray on my workbench where I will see them everyday.  I'll sketch them, I'll draw round them and put them next to other things, little compositions of rock and metal and stone and sparkle.

All is unpacked, all is tidy and clean, I have laid out my 'ingredients', now, let the work begin.


  1. Love that fabulous blue at the bottom. You must do something with it..........i mean, besides put it back int he drawer!

  2. Oh - Pamela, yes, I think the 'blue' maybe the first one plucked from obscurity!


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