Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Musings

Were they always there?  These little cathedrals of silken gossamer threads, constructed secretly in amongst the fronds.  How many did I crush underfoot, unaware, oblivious to the hours of meticulous traversing that had occurred.

Some shift in the meteorological composition rendered them visible for me this morning.  The grass was covered with these tiny canopies of silvered thread and diamond dropped light.  If only I could have got in underneath them and watched the sun rise through their transparent carapace!

I'm sure there is a metaphor within this;  for beauty unseen that we trample unknowingly in our rush and bustle and harried hurrying scampering.

Want to join in?  Add a link to your blog with photos of the beauty you almost missed, trampled on or forgot was always there.


  1. Cari, what I love most is how the small details in life never escape your searching eye... Only you would notice these structures nature strung together this morning... Your photography and words are true poetry. The fact that you found a metaphor for life, and then found a way to link our experiences is just plain over the top!

  2. I think I've always be one for the small things, the tiny details - and thank you so much for you comment, really glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I will link up when I have settled in back home and gone through my photos from my trip! :)

  4. Cari-Jane, you did WAY better than me at capturing the dew this morning. it was litearlly covering each blade of grass. i did not get down on my knees, but next time I will. dewy on both sides of the atlantic today! great sunset too last night.

  5. OH I wished I had known about this, we did some work in the garden, and there would have been some wonderful pictures... But I had to comment on your pictures - without linking in - as they are amazing!


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