Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chasing the Sunshine

I've noticed the drop in the azimuth as the slow slip to the other side of the world continues, like clockwork, tick tick ticking away into the dark.  And so, at this time of the day, I chase the light.  Shutters that were closed to the afternoon glare are flung open to catch the last of the orangey light.  There is less and less of it.

Chasing the Light, 21 September 2015 hrs, Cari-Jane Hakes
I am frantically preserving and freezing all the summers produce.  And so perhaps I chase these setting sunbeams for the same reason.  Collecting them for colder days and darker nights.  Picking up the shards that splice through the branches and the seed heads.

Elsewhere today, I must admit I am more than a little taken with this fellow.  He sits on my window cill, drying out.  Cut down in his prime, he is no longer turning this way and that with the ascent and descent of the sun.

Sunflowers, 21 September 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes
A whole host of geometry and precision, packed tight and snug.  It makes me ponder things and marvel at its design.  Evolved or created - its still all pretty amazing stuff.


  1. I love these pictures, and I am struggling also with the shortening of days.

  2. Charmingly poetic view of our changing seasons! I am reminded to slow down and enjoy!

  3. Thank you Noas and Genevieve - I was surprised by a friend in London who captured the same golden setting sun - change is always good in my mind. Whilst in the middle of summer it seems like it will never end....and then it does!


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