Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue, songs are like tattoos...

Pinterest has had a bit of a revamp.  The new look had me taking a peek at some of my old boards.  The 'Blue, songs are like tattoos' board (named after a Joni Mitchell song my Mum has in her vinyl collection and that I now have in my cd collection) is looking particularly fine if I do say so myself.

Blue, Songs are like tattoos board on Pinterest
It is a colour I keep gathering up at the moment.  I dress in it.  All my most recent workbench projects have had a shade of blue swimming to the surface.  The allium, the labradorite, the teal button.  Is it the colour of winter?  Is it the colour of the cooling air?  Perhaps it is my antidote to the pervading tide of 'orange' that rises around this time.  In any case it has fairly captivated my mind and permeates everything.

Is there a colour you are particularly favouring at the moment?  Do you know why?


  1. I like the new pinterest look. As for the blue - the board is looking beautiful. I also really love the work of Paul Bailey which you have pinned a few times.

  2. thank you Andrea - yes, Paul Bailey, a watercolour master!

  3. I so enjoy your boards...keep pinning!
    I am quite into inky blue right now.


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