Monday, September 12, 2011

500 Felt Objects, Lark Books

Amazon sent me an email the other day.  You know the ones, where they recommend certain books to you that they think you might like.  Amazon thought I would like '500 Felt Objects, Creative Explorations of a Remarkable Material.  However, I already have a copy!  Lark Books sent me one all the way from the USA to my little boîte postale, here on the west coast of France.  Lark Books sent me a copy because I'm on page 118 in the 'Accessories and Adornment' section.

I wrote about this brooch back in March of this year.  Here it is in a little more detail:

Brooch 'A Life without Love is Like a Year without Summer', Cari-Jane Hakes, 2010
The book is full of inspiration and general gorgeousness like this amazing Armadillo Coat by Maggy Pavlou.

Armadillo Coat by Maggy Pavlou (photo by Kevin Facer)
Yohji Yamamoto makes an appearance on page 26 with one of his Stylized Sculpture's.

Photograph by Hiroshi Sugimoto, 2007. Dress by Yohji Yamamoto, Autumn/Winter 1996. Wool felt, wool knit. Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute.
In the section on Two-Dimensional Design this collage of recycled wool jumpers and buttons by Morna Crites-Moore is a feast of colour and intricate detail.

Pieces of Dreams by Morna Crites-Moore

This piece by Sonya Yong James on page 297 surprised and delighted me with its monstrous proportions!

Anthropod by Sonya Yong James (photo by Louis Cahill)
The section on Furniture and Home towards the end of the book has some beautiful examples of industrial felt used in innovative and challenging ways.  This felt bowl by  Gräf & Lantz caught my eye.

Felt Bowl, Gräf and Lantz, page 376 (34.2 cm in diameter)
Susan Brown and Nathalie Mornu have pulled together a great tombe of colour, delight and intrigue.  I'm really honoured and pleased to be part of this book.


  1. How absolutely lovely of you to include my Pieces of Dreams in this blog post!

    Thank you. :-)

  2. Morna, you are most most welcome. It is beautiful. Thank you for letting me include it.

  3. Ah Pamela, the book is just full of beautiful things. I could of gone on and on picking out a ton of favourites!

  4. Pretty exciting to be in the book! Your piece is beautiful, and I love the "Anthropod" you show here, too.

  5. Congratulations!
    It is such an honour to be in one of these books, I think. They always curate them so well.

  6. Thank you Davuit! I do believe you have a few pieces yourself in the 500 series. Looking forward to seeing how the Alexander McQueen piece unfolds.

  7. So nice to see Sonya's work is included. I met her at Haystack this summer, and she's a lovely person as well as an amazing craftsperson. Thanks for your post, and congrats for your inclusion in the book.
    --And I want that bowl!

  8. Kim, glad you approve! And yes, I want that bowl too!


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