Friday, August 12, 2011

A Fabulous Friday Feeling

The Hybrid Handmade Husband is home at last!

He did a bit of this in New York,

and a bit of this in London,

I think they look great in blue and all the other 10 colours too.

Bon Weekend mes amis!


  1. Mr L just said he will buy me a pair! Woop woop! Where will I wear them? Probably just while I'm hoovering, but that's fine too, right?

  2. Oh.My.GOODNESS!
    What work!
    I will share this with my friends who love
    high heels.
    These are beautiful unique and very chic!

  3. Well, Mrs L, now you just need to pick a shade! I have it on good authority that they will be coming to a city near you in 2012.

    Thank you Kelly for spreading the love - I hope your friends like them too!

  4. I'd love a pair too. Any idea what they're likely to cost? Will I need to remortgage my house?!!

  5. That's impressive design. Sure to make headlines everywhere when available. From previous pics I have already forwarded to those I know would appreciate a lot.

  6. If HH's husband could please hurry and get these on sale asap I would greatly appreciate it!! cx

  7. No remortgage needed Divine Mrs M! The have the look and feel of couture with out the price tag to match. What's not to love! I'm not able to disclose the 'recommended retail price' at the moment but I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Wondering if you have a pair in every color! Will have to do some more sketches of them - directly from my closet instead of Vogue Italia!!

  9. It would be rude not to - don't you think :)?


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