Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest.

Sometimes my pins are random. On occasions, I look back and see a trail of complimentary hues, a collection of tones that harmonise.  It is a semi-uncousious thing.  It happens sometimes too when I leave out clothes for my boys - we leave the house and I realise (often too late) that we are ALL matching.  Some days are just painted in a particular colour for me.  I seek it out, I wear it and pin that colour.  My last five pins on Pinterest are a testament to this.

So there you have it, a symphony of neutrals and yellow and naturals against cool grey.  Nothing is shouting, nothing is contrasting or popping out - just smooth and even, graceful and restful.  I hope your weekend is following a similar hue - and if it isn't, perhaps you can carve a little hollow to rest in awhile and let the rest swirl about you.


  1. These are really great, following you. :) I am in love with the last image. Sea Marie

  2. I really want to make the 'house light' - maybe I can convince my two little boys to help me and turn it into a summer craft project !!?

  3. Oh yes! As soon as I saw that I thought IWANT TO MAKE!!!! a summer project sounds good. Just make sure the choice of paper isn't flammable!!!!!

  4. Beautiful images... but what does it mean if you feel peaceful with a vibrant symphony of colors swirling about you?

  5. hmm, yes, non-flammable paper would be useful!
    Style Dilettante - I think all the colours of the rainbow deserve to worn at least once a day, and if you can wear them / surround yourself with them all at once, so much the better!


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