Friday, July 29, 2011

Monster Trucks go 'rarrrw'!

It's not always pink and beautiful gems and burnished moonlit silver round these parts.

Yesterday evening was a case in point.  Every summer the Monster Trucks drive through, tempting the tourists with their monsterous fayre.  We have seen them arrive.  We have seen them leave.  In between we have heard them roar, from afar.  But last night, we went to see them.  Much excitement for my small boys.  In amongst the dust and the noise, the petrol fumes and the heat I found all of this:

Monster Trucks, July 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes
I have to say, there was something a little sad about seeing a lovely little Renault 4 being squashed to smithereens.  There are a fair few of them still tootling about on the roads round here and together with the Citroen 2CVs I find them to be such friendly little cars (especially the 2CV I saw this week with a mattress happily flapping in the wind, poking out of the roll down roof frame). They are quintessentially French.

I'm flying towards the weekend on the the golden orange light that is streaming through my little house!  Here is hoping yours is glowing and sparkly all over!


  1. These are some amazing pictures... and it sounds like such a great time! I really love the shot of the men walking away with the dust and the lighting... really great. Sea Marie

  2. Cas - think that one is my fav. too

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