Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Pink Therefore I am!

It's time for what it turning into a regular monthly dose of pinkness!  That said, I really recommend that you introduce a little bit of pink into your daily routine.  It would be sad not to don't you think?

Bonne Nuit mes amis!


  1. Gorgeous pinkness! I've been quite smitten with this vibrant shade of pink of late :D

  2. Ginny - actually I hadn't spotted that yes, they are all the same shade of pink! I've written about this before, how somehow, when you pin, sub-consciously one picks up on a colour or shade. You only see it when you look back (or when someone points it out!)

  3. :D Cari-Jane, I totally get focused on particular hues! This pattern envelope set me off on my pining for pink quest several months ago --- I'm still searching for the perfect fabric to sew it from. Doesn't it look absolutely luscious?

  4. Ginny - love this pattern! I've pinned it to my 'I'm Pink Therefore I Am' board on Pinterest :)


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