Monday, June 13, 2011

Sketchbook on a Monday!

I think I may have a little bit of 'sketchers block' with this page.  I tried so many things.  In the end I opted for simplicity.  Sometimes it's the best way to go.

The Sketchbook Project 2011, the sequel, pages 16 and 17, Cari-Jane Hakes
I am so pleased that Art House Co-op have got all the art work from the first sketchbook back up live on their site.  You can click here is you would like to see the first sketchbook.  It is currently on tour round the USA.  In fact I got an email this morning to say that someone called Jana just looked at it in Seattle, WA.

How fabulous is that?


  1. I love the Sketchbook Project. I started to do one, but never had time to finish. Bummer, because it's such an inspiring idea.

  2. that is
    super cool
    as are you
    big thanks
    for your
    recent support
    dark days indeed
    much appreciated
    hope things are
    bright chez toi
    take care


  3. Paige! You could sign up for 2012!

    and Linda I hope all is settling as well as can be expected - I was glad to see your post today on your blog.

  4. Excellent! I just received my 2012 sketchbook. Can't wait.


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