Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Shining Saturday.

Whilst taking pictures for the Etsy listing of the Oyster Necklace I zoomed in on the gold leaf that I applied to the interior of the 'shell'.

Detail, inside the Oyster Necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes, June 2011
I have heard jewellers talk about working with gold.  They talk in a reverential way about the material.  For me, the cost of this material is currently beyond the scope of my studio.  However, applying this little bit of gold and catching its glow in this image makes me understand the fascination.

I loved working with sheets of steel and wood as an Architect - but I think I love working with the moonlit glow of silver and this shining gold more.  I have no regrets in this moment.

Here is to a golden weekend mes amis!

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