Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Last 5 Pins on Pinterest.

Over on the official Pinterest blog they do a feature every once in a while where they ask a 'pinner' to explain why they pinned the last 5 images on their pinterest boards.  Well, I'm not hanging around till they get to me so here goes!

I pinned this this morning from Tricia Foley's In the Country.  I am strangely drawn to simple pots, balls of natural string and all things that point to a pared down, minimal life.  The only explanation I can give for this is that after moving house so many times I often have to assess my 'goods and chattels' and edit them down.  I can not hoard.

I pinned this today from Every Eskimo's blog.  Ballet was my first love.  Dance was such a big part of my childhood and early adulthood.  I particularly like the girl on the far right.  She looks like she is lost in the music (although, I imagine her teacher will shortly be correcting her for her floppy hands).  The girl in front, on the other hand, is just as beautiful with her technical precision and concentration.

Constant Pebble No 2 Print by SwellPapel on Etsy
This one is self explanatory for long time readers of this blog.  All things pebbely are a constant source of inspiration round these parts.

'What Was Left' by Wind Lane Studio on Etsy
I pinned this rather haunting portrait today after using it as the inspiration for an Etsy Treasury I made yesterday.

And finally this rather lovely texture by Ninian Lif on flickr.  I may incorporate this into a sketchbook background at some stage.

You can see all my pins here.  I must say, it is an excellent way to prevaricate just before a tricky solder joint!


  1. all of your pins are so lovely... thanks for the inspiration!



  2. Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration. I love the dialogue that comes with them. It's a little bit like scouring someones bookshelf....

  3. thank you lesley - I'm glad you found it inspiring - honestly, my life is brighter with the internet in it - the access to so much visual stuff is amazing!
    Andrea - ahh, Pinterest, it's like a 'happy place' - you can always find something uplifting there, from a quote to a picture. I 'get it' so much more than twitter. It is twitter with pictures - what is not to love?


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