Thursday, June 16, 2011

More? You Want More?

Me too.
I made another one.

Silver and Gold Curious Crater Stacking Ring, Cari-Jane Hakes, June 2011
Small Curious Crater with Silver and Gold Curious Crater and Moonstone Stacking Rings, Cari-Jane Hakes, June 2011
This last one is paying a little bit of homage to the Oyster necklaces I made earlier this month (see here and here).  The gold makes the ring look like it is glowing from inside!

Elsewhere today in the Hybrid Handmade House:

the vegetable patch is beginning to bloom - three courgettes to add to the two I already have.


  1. Beautiful work! I can't believe I hadn't find your blog before. Fantastic!

  2. Erin...the courgettes or the ring? tee hee
    Thank you Weird Amiga - I have only been going for just over a year on the blog front - welcome and thank you for following.

  3. I like the gold, just adds that little bit of sparkle and glitz:)

  4. I see farci in your future.... Mrs L xxx

  5. I love the simplicity of it, and your experiments with a bit of gold - and the way you are cradling your proud ;P

  6. Thanks Lenita - its a tricky thing to apply but I just love the contrast. Gold AND Silver - my new favourite ingredient!

    Mrs L - ha ha I just got it!!

    Andrea - seriously, I think if I sat down and watched my vegetable patch I would see them growing! I go one day, nothing, I come back the next and poof!! 3 massive courgettes!

  7. At this point i live vegetable garden life vicariously through my neighbour!

  8. Andrea, I think that might be one of the best ways - especially if she gives you her 'I have too many of these...please take them'. I can't do that here - everyone has most of their back gardens given over to vegetable production!


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