Monday, June 6, 2011

Italian Vogue!

Oh yes, hybrid handmade husband's shoe made it into Italian Vogue!  But I have equally exciting news - the Oyster is finished.

Oyster Necklace, June 2011 by Cari-Jane Hakes
I love the symbolism that an oyster represents - it uses grit and irritation to make beautiful pearls. And so this necklace is for a woman who has endured, who has taken all the grit that has been thrown at her and turned it to her advantage. It has been the making of her and she is all the more beautiful for it.

Oyster Necklace, detail, June 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes
I have made the 'dangle' detachable for days when the wearer needs something more minimal.  And so the idea that started on the beach in August 2010 (here), that was sketched out (here) is finally in my hands.  Made from silver, gold and one vintage pearl.

Elsewhere today - this BEAUTIFUL piece of coral washed up in my post box all the way from Swanborough Prints.

Detail of Natural History Blue Coral fine print adapted from 1800's 
It is a wonderful symphony of blue and intricate pattern.  I keep staring at it.  I will leave you to discover it in all it's glory in Minnie's Etsy shop.  Thank you Minnie.  I love it and would indeed be so surprised to snag such a gorgeous thing in my net!

For shoe lovers everywhere, I give you, Italian Vogue! 

The Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes, Italian Vogue 2011
For more information on this shoe click here and for up to the minute up dates on its launch you can become a 'liker' on Facebook (click here).

It made it into UK Elle magazine too.

The Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes, Elle UK 2011

I thinks that's enough excitement for one day don't you think?


  1. I discovered your work recently, and it is utterly gorgeous:) It's a real toss up between the oyster and the shoes! Lenita

  2. Thank you Lenita - I'm thinking may be the shoes WITH the Oyster would be a good combination!

  3. Beautiful necklace!
    I tried to follow your beautiful blog, but blogger is still hiding all followers and follow buttons.....I wonder for how long....

  4. I love your works. And now, your take on oyster's symbolism opened a new window for my thoughts. Thank you!
    On congrats for all the successes :)

  5. Wow Cari...Love the photos.... the models hair..the shoes..all shout Italian chic.

    These photos reflect the Artistic professionalism you and Julien project...brilliant work.

    I love your latest piece and the symbolism of the pearl...I wear my late mothers pearls every day, it's part of my daily routine... they will never go out of fashion regardless of the trend, they mellow with age, and have a beautiful hue, slightly pink,but still a creamy ivory colour.

    Thank you for showing the blue coral from such a different looked so different,I'm pleased you like it so much.

    All the best


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