Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday mémoire (or, here is one I made earlier)

Cabinet of Curiosities for the Bibliothèque St. Geneviève, Paris, Cari-Jane Hakes 1997
I've written about this project before (here).  Above is one of the final project drawings for the end of year 'crit' (it was one of the drawings that ended up in the Summer Exhibition at the RA, which I mentioned in Monday's post).

It is an 'old school' drawing, tracing paper, ink, coloured pencils, collage and (shock, horror) an actual real life drawing board!

I put the cabinet in the basement of the library and positioned it so you could look at the 'curiosities' from above, layered up in glass drawers.  More importantly though, you could walk underneath them and view them from below, a curious ceiling of sorts.

Elsewhere today - more pebbles.

Bon Weekend mes amis!

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  1. Your work has such subtleties about it. Everything tells of a very steady hand!


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