Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sources for Design - Inspiration Board

I first wrote about this topic here.  Some additions, some omissions, and some constant participants.

Elsewhere today, the summer sunshine crept further round the corner of my front window.

Things that are normally tucked up in the shadows had a play in the light and showed off their transparent suffused colour.

Bon Weekend mes amis!


  1. hmmm, now that's inspiring - it's funny, I don't spend enough time outdoors, but lately every time I have checked my pockets there has been a feather in one, and now I see feathers here too...maybe it's a sign! :P

  2. p.s that grey stone with the white stripes...I have on similar!

  3. Cari-Jane, you are right on the money about inspiration being right under your feet and at the tips of your fingers. What lovely assemblages these are with shape and color and contour and line. Love them. I also chuckled at your description of your studio (in your first post.) We artists put up with a lot for space to call our own. Cheers for your perseverance!

  4. Ah dear Elizabeth and Andrea thank you for your comments. Yes, at the moment my studio is still in it's winter mode, this is not so good as I am in the dark during the day - I come out into the light blinking like a mole! (the reason being that my small boy has taken up residence in the summer workshop - building things from sticks and stones and lego) Andrea - did you spot the little fern paperweight you sent me? x

  5. oh...there it suits the box well I think :)


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