Sunday, May 15, 2011

Something Different Sunday - The Sketchbook Project, sequel

Following on from the last installment here - a continuation of the little girl's dream.  The colours of yellow and blue are given form.  Pebbles of course.  I have a lovely collection of these pebbles.  They come from the north-east coast of England.  They look best when arranged so that one of the quartz bands joins and runs from one stone to the next.

The Sketchbook Project 2011, the sequel, pages 14 and 15.
Sign-ups for Art House Co-op's 2012 World Sketchbook Tour are still open.  My submission for the 2011 project (which I wrote about in a previous post here) can not be seen on Art Houses's site at the moment as they are re-building their website.  I'm looking forward to seeing their new layout.  In the meantime, I still haven't signed up for 2012.  I can't decide on a theme.  There are some rather funny ones for 2012 like "Things found under car seats" and "Waterslides I never rode".  I'm drawn to "Unchartered Waters" and "Stitches and Folds".  Which one would you choose? (see here and click on 'select a theme')

If you want to see what the little girl got up to in the first sketchbook click here.


  1. I just signed up! I ended up picking 'Disasters' like I thought. I think I will need to alternate between the big ones and the little ones. ie. the tsuanami scale and the spilt milk scale, and then maybe move into recovery mode...or something.

    I love this string of pebbles by the way....they seem to lift off the page.
    Oh and your new banner...

  2. p.s is that an etcher I spy by your right elbow?? I have one similar if it is.

  3. Andrea - yes you could use it for etching - I use it for drilling and sometimes polishing / sanding. It has lots of different gizmos. I could probably / should use it more - but often my work is too delicate and just needs to be hand finished, filed etc


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