Monday, May 16, 2011

Small Houses, Small Homes.

I am drawn to all things 'house' on Etsy.  Perhaps because I have lived in so many, perhaps because of the happy times I have spent turning a house into a home, perhaps because I am so grateful everyday to have a roof over my head.  This treasury is a collection of all my house/home inspired favourites.

'HOME, HOUSE, MA MAISON, MI CASA' by hybridhandmade

Perhaps because I have lived in so manyPerhaps because of happy times I have spent turning a house into a homePerhaps because I am so grateful to have a roof over my head

RESERVED for rynth - Me...

Barnacle, Textured Tile

Amsterdam button cuff, ...

Isle of Skye - Scotland...

Security Envelope House...

Home - Old house in Car...

Calligraphy address sta...

Little house brooch . i...

Mi Pequeño Pueblo - Wo...

Moonlight - Original Ac...

Cinque Terre Necklace -...

Houses and Birds Print

Stacked Village Origina...

return address stamp wi...

Far Crossing - Fine Art...

Modern House With Pocke...

Other creature's homes have the same attraction for me.

I have been carrying around this little wasps nest for a while.  It is about the size of my thumb nail.

It got squashed a couple of days ago.  I was a little crushed to find it flattened.

Miraculously, a while later, it popped back into shape!


  1. i love that little wasp nest!

    new follower from the etsy blog team :)

  2. Thank you 'snake and roxy' - and thank you for following!

  3. I love your blog. So fun and creative! I got pictures of a nest last year and I had to run when the little critters caught me. Thought for sure they'd sting me.

  4. salut you
    ca va
    is my
    way to go
    house wise
    & smart
    patio garden
    = more
    free time


  5. Thank you Sher! And Linda, the smaller the better - why waste life cleaning more rooms than you need!


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