Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zig Zags, Chevrons and Criss Crosses

One of my contributions to the European Street Team Treasury list this week.  This one took a while.  Finding products with just the right zig and zag, chevron and criss cross.  You can see it on Etsy here or click directly on the item you would like to see in more detail.

'CRISS CROSS and ZIG ZAG' by hybridhandmade

when I zig why do you zag?

modern folded embroider...

Leather iPhone (ALL) iT...

Reserved for Hallie Han...

red necklace with origa...

Sunset Zigzag Brooch

City Wall - Fine art ph...

Rainbow friendship brac...

Mountain Range No. 1

The maze hand painted p...

The Town Atop a Hill 8x...

Thread, Brass - Necklac...

SALE Needlepoint Mod H...

Black Diamond 8x10

ZigZag Bear Print

Red Hearts - Hand Embro...

Pair of Greeting Cards ...

Post Scriptus:  Just found out this made it to the Front Page of Etsy!  Stick with me kids, we're gonna go far! (screen shot from the Craft Cult vault between 7 - 8 am Central European time 1st June 2011)

Ahh, you all look so good!


  1. this is awesome! thank you! :)

  2. Craft Unikat and Natalka - thank you for taking the time to pop by x

  3. wonderful idea, Cari!!thank you for including my paper necklace

  4. This just made it to the front page of Etsy - my second treasury to do so! woop woop :)

  5. Congratulations! You did amazing job!
    Thank you so much for bringing me to FP :))
    Hugs to you :)!


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