Friday, May 20, 2011

More Fabulous Friday Feelings!

Fresh off the bench today, this perfect little faceted ring.  The first of many that will all stack together in a symphony of matt and shine, polish and glimmer.

Silver Stacker Facet Ring by Cari-Jane Hakes on etsy
The ideas for this piece began at a mineral level - chunky cubes of pyrite, so startling in their natural precise perfection.  They bring to mind some kind of sculptural engineering with their neat cantilevered masses teetering on the idea of gravity.

There was also, at the macro scale, this Faceted Ecological Skyscraper for Madrid by Addler Elizalde Lozano (click here for more information)

and finally this beautiful bronze facet vase by David Wiseman (see here).

I have some ideas for bigger pieces (personally I blame this on being an architect) but really, I wanted to challenge myself to create some more pieces for the 'Essential Simplicity' series.  A piece that can be worn with other rings, a piece that you almost forget is there, on your body, because it has just become part of you.

I've made the 'gem' from recycled silver which I have then faceted.  Each one is therefore unique.  I love the little bubbles that you find in this recycled product.  As they say, it's the imperfections that make something / someone beautiful.

It's a ring for a woman who likes to wear her individuality on her fingers.  She likes to talk with her hands and walks with her head held high!

Elsewhere, my bench showed signs of a busy day

Workbench in 'Friday Frenzy' mode
and the 'oyster' is coming on (to barnacle or not to barnacle, this is the question).

Oyster, work in progress, 20 May 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes.
And finally, I got the fright of my life when BBC Woman's Hour started following me on Twitter!  I really nearly fell off my chair!

Bon Weekend mes amis!  Here's to a couple of days of lifting our faces to the sky and stretching out our hands and letting them idle for a while.

Post Scriptus : you know that the above is advice to myself, because obviously I will probably still be re-photographing for the Etsy shop makeover!


  1. Everything is so beautiful! Love that ring:) Found you via Etsy's Blog Team:)

  2. I also really love that ring! Beautiful.

  3. Tabitha - thank you and enjoy your trip to Kenya - that is going to one epic journey.
    Amiable - thank you too, I love your new work area, right next to the window so you can do some 'blue sky thinking' while you work. Perfect

  4. to barnacle i barnacle. It's one of my favourite words barnacle. not sure why. gnarled and old and acumulated over time.

    On another note, that ring sounds like for me!!!


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