Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating 1st year Blog-ivesary with a reader Giveaway!

The Hybrid Handmade on-line design journal is 1 year old today!  What better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!

'home' necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes
To win simply leave a comment below and share with us your favourite way of celebrating the little things in life.  I am a firm believer in 'celebrating along the way' - not just focusing on the end goal.  Let's face it, it's a long race and we all need to stop and mark the 'pebblestones' and not just the milestones.  

My favourite way of celebrating the little goals and triumphs usually involves some kind of cake.  On other occasions I'll rent a film, just for me, with no concessions given to any male residents of this home.

The giveaway will run until Monday 9th May 2011, 12 noon, central European time (Paris).  

To find out more about this necklace and how I can personalise it for you (if you win) click here.

leaf detail from 'home' necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes
Bon Chance!

(Comments now closed - thank you to eveyone who took the time to write below.)


  1. i have a mini celebration dance... it mainly involves jumping around like I am on a pogo stick. : ) For larger celebrations, I can be seen jumping around on imaginary pogo stick combined with trying to eat cake! cx

  2. No pogo-sticks here. I do a lot of clapping hands then rubbing them together with glee....which could be mistaken for plotting something evil, sometimes....but really, I'm not like that. Something cake-y would probably make an appearance, because it is not something I normally allow myself to have. In fact, I could probably be caught clapping my hands together with glee, then stopping the clapping to grab a heavily iced cupcake and scoffing it, rather un-lady-like-ly. Happy Blog-iversary. Mrs L xx

  3. Ah, Miss W and Mrs L - thank you, you have good odds at the moment!

  4. The first way for me to celebrate would be a bright smile like this :D
    Than I would possibly tell about the cause to everyone I know at least for 50%, that he/she can handle nice things in others' lives :D

  5. I celebrate every day with loads of smiles and happy moments with my family. I am very bad at waiting with celebrations..

  6. Hi Cari-Jane! have loved your blog this year, since finding it through the Sketchbook Project. Thanks so much for the inspiration feast!

  7. i would say having a dinner together at home or meeting at a cafe or going to the movies .
    tumblemumbo at

  8. I love following your blog. Celebrating...usually in a quiet way, tearing back the foil, ripping the packet, unfurling the eat heavenly chocolate. I tend to celebrate quite a lot. The little things, the big things, the fact I have two wonderful girls, a great husband and a happy life. My hips show the evidence of many a celebration.....much chocolate!
    Rachael Wayne

  9. I will be celebrating creatly when my lovely hybrid handmade brooch and necklace arrive in the mail...with that crazy skippy happy dance & internal squeal that Mr. Rugby can't hear because it will blow the secret.......

    But that said...I think someone else will deserve these beauties of yours...I've got my own coming soon....yippeeee

  10. Dear Cari-Jane,

    My favourite way of celebrating something? a nice homecooked dinner with someone I love. involving plenty of calories and no guilt!

    your blog looks fantastic..I just started a silversmithing course and I'm already hooked by the material and the many creative options it offers. I love your technique, the design and the mixed materials. Are you giving courses? I would love to partecipate to any workshop you may give in the future (my email:

    congratulations again, and thanks for the inspiring pieces you post.

    ps: I love vivianna torun too!!!



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