Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On my apron, on the bench..

On my workshop apron, a vintage brooch from my late Grandmother.

It is a delightful little creature.  Perhaps more suited to a smarter outfit.  The two halves separate from the main body of the brooch pin to create a pair of little 'crustaceans' which could adorn a lapel or shoes.

On the bench today, leaves, lots of leaves,

and some strips of fine silver bezel being bent into place and checked for size.

Elsewhere today - a little write up on Elizabeth Ann Norris' site.  Thank you Elizabeth!


  1. Do I spy leaves??? Should i be excited?? I think maybe i should be...wohoo.

  2. Oh yes Andrea, they are YOUR leaves (and I have the other ones ready to be impressed into 1.3mm silver slabs tomorrow)!


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