Friday, April 15, 2011

My Ideal Weekend...

would be something along the lines of this :

My Ideal Weekend by hybrid handmade, Cari-Jane Hakes on Etsy
My ideal weekend would involve a bit of sketching and drawing in a beautiful book, some urban coffee drinking in a spring warmed european city (note: neckwarmer, just in case), a bit of cycling and some giraffe earrings, of course ;)
Find it on Etsy HERE (until it falls off the big treasury list in the sky)
What would the ingredients for your ideal weekend be?
Bon Weekend mes amis x

Post Scriptus : This treasury made it to the Front Page of Etsy on Friday!  My first ever!


  1. My perfect weekend:

    Painting in the morning with the sun streaming through the windows
    Coffee and a pastry at a pavement café
    A wander through a market looking at tiny pretty things I will never need but really want
    A picnic in the park with Prosecco and many foods beginning with ‘ch-‘
    Wearing a big swirly party dress with bright shoes
    Dancing till the small hours in a room filled with fairy lights


  2. Oh yes - I forgot dancing and picnics - I'll add those to me revised list cx


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