Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Pink therefore I am!

Time for, what has become, a monthly dose of pinkness.  As always, party shoes..

a pink ruff for a proud bird (have to say, I would be strutting my stuff if I looked this fine!)

party decorations to match the party shoes AND...

Oh. my. word. THE definition of a Party Dress if I ever did see one.

Now, don't you feel better?  I certainly do.  I'm waiting for my oven warmed croissant to ping and then it's back on with my gardening galoshes.  We are having a little holiday here in the hybrid handmade home.  Here is hoping your work or play is going well - may your pink party shoes or your green garden galoshes take you where ever you want to go today!


  1. Great images! I do feel better on this rainy gray day. Thank you!

    When you imagine a "confection" of a dress, that's the one! Carnation pink was always my favorite crayon in the box....

  2. You can't really go wrong with carnation pink!


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