Monday, March 21, 2011

Sketchbook on a Sunday

Continuing on from my last Sketchbook post...

And so one day they did just that, they kept going.  They left just as the wintered fingers of the trees had begun to be covered in a pointillist array of rose and green.

"It's time to go on an adventure" the girl declared as she carefully dragged her Grandfather's suitcase out from under the bed. 

The Sketchbook Project, the sequel by Cari-Jane Hakes pages 2 and 3

If you want to find out about what happened to the girl in the first Sketchbook, head over to the Art House Co-op website and use the blue arrows to navigate through the book.

I may add a little bit of colour to page 3, just a smudge, to tone it in with the notepaper on page 2.  In the meantime, consider it a 'work in progress'.

I have a busy week in my workshop - hopefully I will be able to share some of it with you later on.  Until then - a bientôt!

Post Scriptus

Look what the weekend brought!  I got my spring sunshine (for a little bit, on Sunday) and with it, these lilac buds, which when all clustered together resemble green stars!

March 20 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes

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