Monday, February 21, 2011

London Fashion Week - Ada Zanditon (featuring shoes by Julian Hakes)

Elsewhere in the Hybrid Handmade House there has been much work going on getting these shoes ready for London Fashion Week.  Julian (my husband for those of new to this little on-line sketchbook) has been busy 'reinventing the wheel' as far as the shoe world is concerned.  With each refinement these shoes are just getting more and more beautiful.

Here are some behind the scenes photos taken just before the 'runway' presentation on Friday.

Mojito Shoes by Julian Hakes, all lined up and ready to go.
Julian Hakes, hard at work at the Ada Zanditon show

Ada opted to present her stunning collection in this beautifully shot film (by Andrew and William Ho) and static mannequins to allow all the buyers and press people to get really close to the intricately constructed garments.

Ada Zanditon - The CRYOFLUX AW11 from Andrew & WIlliam Ho on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Ada.  I hope she is enjoying a few days rest before dreaming up new gorgeousness for Spring Summer 2012!


  1. wow
    these are different
    good different
    what a talented pair
    must be great to be married to a
    fellow creative
    lucky you guys
    love your necklaces too


  2. Hmm, I see talented runs in the household!!

  3. Oh yes Linda....they are def. different!
    Andrea, I think it is what architects do during a global down turn - design other stuff!!


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