Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hybrid Handmade in Etsy Treasuries

I loved this quirky treasury by Galerie Noire including my ever popular stripy pebble ring.  Click here to see it in all its fully clickable majesticness (well, until it falls off the end of 'Planet Etsy').

Etsy Treasury featuring hybrid handmade

Elsewhere, my Perfectly Pretty and Pure earrings were featured in this beautiful symphony of grey and neutral tones by AbsoluteQueen.

Treasury featuring hybrid handmade

To see it on Etsy click here (for a limited time).

I did some making of a different kind today.  I'm not a big blast in the kitchen but I must admit I had some fun today.  I organised a little get together with some family and friends who are holidaying here in France.  It has been raining fairly solidly since they arrived so I thought a little soirée and these cakes might be fun.

I think they did the trick!

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  1. Did you follow my rainbow cakes icing tutorial wotsit, or are you just very clever all on your own? In any case, I want one. Now. With a cup of tea. Oh, and if you could personally drop by to deliver it, that would be good too. See you soon then. Mrs L x


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