Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love this stripped back minimal video of the song by Coldplay.  I think it may have been done in just one take.  I was unable to embed that one so you will have to make do with them Live in Sydney.  Don't know about you, but I always imagine him singing all these songs to Gwyneth Paltrow, which sort of makes me smile.

I took that little smudge of colour in the last picture from yesterday's post and blew it up a little to create this Etsy treasury list Fierce Golden Ochre Sunlight.  Click the links to see it in all it's full screen glory (until it drops off the end of the Etsy Treasury list!).

Fierce Ochre Golden Sunlight by Cari-Jane Hakes on Etsy
I am particularly in love with the Mohawk painting (first image) - I think I may have to wait till after the summer to get my hair done like this - I am due to be my sister's Maid of Honour in August!

Mohawk, Original Oil Painting by Larriva


  1. not a fan of the colour yellow! my son and i, when he was a tadpole, used to say "yellow yuk"; i kinda standby this judgement. still, that said, adore coldplay and this track in particular and a bit like you i often wonder about gwyneth and him. how a once normal everyday english lad must feel that his adolescent dreams were fulfilled by marrying a hollywood A lister. (btw great painting)...

  2. Fierce treasury ;-) Thanks a bunch for featuring my Minimalist Dutch Huis! I also love Coldplay...

  3. I love the painting "Mohawk" too. And your treasury is wonderful. Thank you for including me x

  4. This is a truly delightful selection of items! Thank you so much for featuring artflat5 in it!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my painting. I'm glad I went with the yellow background, now. :)

  6. only me again cari! glad france is working for you, you have children i believe? what ages? so you too are a londoner? myself if i had the means financially would be back there like a shot. sadly haven't and absolutely no point in being in a fantastic town with no spare cash to enjoy the facilities!
    you can email me if you fancy:

  7. Linda - i like the 'yellow yuk'...small people have a way with words!
    Thank you fellow Etsyians for taking the time out of your busy creative days to comment here. You are all most welcome. Just off to go cut myself a mohawk :)


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