Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When I grow up I want to be a Calligrapher.

I have tried this a few times, calligraphy that is.  I have some wonderful coloured inks and some nibs. I even have the most impossibly beautiful glass dip pen which holds the ink in the swirling grooves that ascend from it's tip.  I love the way you have to pause, sometimes in the middle of a word, to re-fresh the nib with more ink.  It is really an idiosyncratic way to write, perhaps the complete polar opposite of what I am doing now, bashing away on a key board.  But it is so beautiful. When it is done well, I am literally spellbound.

Witness, the genius that is Marian Bantjes,

via on Pinterest

and if you have the time, this TED talk by her is particularly inspiring.

Another favourite of mine, Cláudio Gil.

The Little Red Again by Cláudio Gil

Sonnet 18 by Cláudio Gil

I can hear my workshop calling me, loudly, tucked away at the back of the house.  Sadly, I will need to ignore it a little longer while I continue to organise my affairs.  I have to say though, creating a neat spreadsheet with all my expenditure and sales IS a surprisingly cathartic experience.  Not dissimilar to a detox I should imagine.  I feel very clean and organised.  This is a good way to be in the first month of a new year - well that is what I keep telling myself!

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