Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sketchbook on a Wednesday!

With less than two weeks to go I am on a tight schedule of a page a day to get this book finished in time for the postmark deadline of 15th January. I'm already contemplating the actual posting of the book. Should I walk to La Poste, slowly, through the fields. Reverently holding the book for the last time. We shall see. It may just be a last minute dash, with a complete lack of ceremony. Either way, I'm feeling confident about meeting the deadline - even if it means a few late nights.

Pages 56 and 57, The Sketchbook Project 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes
 As you can see I am battling a little bit with my sketches disappearing into the middle fold.  The book is getting a little thick with all the extra surfaces I've been sticking on each page. 

If you haven't already guessed, the balloon has landed in Venice.  I am a little bit obsessed with this place.  I have visited it once as an Inter-railing student, once as an architectural student on a study trip and once as a teacher.  I wish my third visit had been my first.  We approached the city on one of the river buses, through a kind of river/sea mist.  I watched the student's faces as they saw the city literaly emerge from the whiteness. It was beautiful and magical.

P.S.  In the rush to get this page done I put my painted pages onto the top of the metal casing of my fire to get the paint to dry a little quicker.  It was running a little hotter than normal so that when I returned to pick them up they has singed some what.  Hence the very brown, almost burnt edges! 


  1. singed edges = happy accident me thinks!
    great spread and love the words.
    guess they are yours?
    venice,sigh, one day;
    i hope...

  2. ah it is always the way in art - we make mistakes and actually the piece turns out the better for it. Have to say though - I was almost going to start over but was persuaded otherwise. And yes - the words are my own - but I have to be quick - they float into my head and if I don't grab a pencil and write them down they float off and away!

  3. How exactly are you achieving the text transfers that make up the background?

  4. CLee - check out this post
    It shows you a step by step ... enjoy!


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