Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black is Black

Well, I must say, I AM enjoying this little 'colour excursion'.  Although technically from a scientific point of view, black isn't a colour.  That aside - I'm dreaming of what it would be like to wear THAT jacket with THOSE shoes!  Can you imagine?  Where would you go? What would you listen to on your ipod as you strutted your stuff around some fabulous metropolitan enclave?


  1. well, certainly wouldn't be strutting that jackent and shoes stuff around this little country town that's for sure!! Although after having seen punk with a mohawk and a cowboy complete with stetson style akubra in the cafe for breakfast one morning..... maybe i could get away with it after all. I'd probably want to get a whole new attitude to match though!

  2. I think it is def. an urban look - if I wore that jacket and shoes here I would I would stand out even more than I already do!


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