Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birthday Reflections

It is my first birthday 'alone' and without my Grandmother, who was born on the same day as I.  During times when we weren't geographically close I would phone her to say Happy Birthday and she would say the same thing back to me.  She was my fraternal 'twin' of sorts (see here also).

AMW in Hong Kong circa late 1940's by GAW

And so we had a little birthday coffee party, my small boys and I.  And we did it in style, using one of Gran's beautiful table cloths that she acquired whilst on her big adventure in lands very very far from her native Glasgow, Scotland.

Birthday Coffee, 12 January 2011, Cari-Jane Hakes
This cloth is a thing of beauty.  I think all the counted thread work and embroidery must have been done by hand.  I'm only sorry I couldn't starch it into crispness and flatness - the way Gran used to do.

Detail, tablecloth, Cari-Jane Hakes
My little boys amused me by finding faces and characters in the flowers - just like I used to do when I was little, gathered round a table, my Gran at one end, my Grandpa at the other.

Bon Anniversaire Mamie from another land far far from Glasgow.


  1. Hi Cari,
    Happy birthday! That is such a beautiful story, grandparents are such a wonderful part of who we are. You must really miss her.

    I hope you are well and had a lovely day with the boys.


  2. No way, my birthday is also 12 January!! Happy Birthday. Your tea party sounds wonderful, and in france to boot!!

    I was stuck in a Tennis conference room in sticky sweltering humid sydney if that makes you feel a little better. So hot my face was dripping (gross).

  3. beautiful. love mrs l x

  4. Happy Birthday Cari! Sending you lots of love, if you're still awake. My busy little ladies are not long asleep, my Gran was Mamie too. She could knit like a demon!
    Helen xxx

  5. Ohhh what a lovely birthday surprise to see all your lovely comments...and Andrea!! Happy Birthday to you too! Thank you Sarah, Lovely Mrs. L and Helen (and your busy little ladies).

  6. belated birthday balloons! hope you had a great day and how lucky to have shared your birthdays up until now with your precious gran; mine died when i was only five and this is one of my greatest regrets. (think i may do a post about her soon). cheerio for now x...

  7. Thank you Linda! And many congratulations to you today for your excellent news! It is so exciting!


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