Monday, December 20, 2010

Hybrid Handmade Christmas - Decorations

My favourite Christmas tree ornament from my childhood was a little cardboard house, painted blue with a white 'snowy' roof and glitter frosting.  It was a magical little object because it had a hole in its back wall where you put one of the Christmas tree lights.  The dull windows then transformed and glowed as if the inhabitants had just switched all their lights on!

Hybrid Handmade Christmas, little houses, Cari-Jane Hakes

I thought I would try to re-create a little piece of my childhood this Christmas.  Here are two I made earlier!  The windows are made from 'Quality Street' chocolate wrappers and I painted the insides black so that the light would only shine through the windows.

I did think about making one to represent each house / flat / apartment I had ever lived in - but realised this would mean making 20 of them.  I think these 2 will do fine for now!

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