Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saint Andrew's Day

I have celebrated in style.  Singing songs by 'The Proclaimers' at high volume whilst happily soldering a periscope and a cabochon setting.

Ascending Ben Nevis by Gregor Samsa on flickr
I am inordinately proud of being Scottish.  In perhaps only the way a displaced Scot can feel.  In fact one of the first things I learned to say in French was "Ahh, mais non,  Je ne suis pas anglaise.  Je suis écossaise!"  I felt the distinction was incredibly important.

I have ascended Ben Nevis twice.  This majestic view of big country and wide sky is your reward for getting up half way on a clear day.  I remember feeling just incredibly impressed with my own country.  I almost wanted to tug on the sleeves of my fellow English climbers and say 'look at that, that is part of me. It's what I'm made of!'

And so to my fellow Scots, at 'home' and in far flung places all over the world, I hope you are having a great St. Andrew's day and 'lang may your lum reek!'*

*Which roughly translated means 'long may your chimney smoke' but the sentiment behind the salutation is actually to wish someone long life and prosperity....just in case you were wondering.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, lovely. Mrs L x


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