Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Showcase at Atelier Jewellers, Isle of Wight, UK

Today was a momentous day for 'Hybrid Handmade by Cari-Jane Hakes'.   Some time ago I submitted a collection to Christina and Harriet who run Atelier Jewellers.  They organise a Winter Showcase each year.  I was thrilled when they picked my work to be included.  

Winter Song brooch by Cari-Jane Hakes

My collection arrived with them today on the Isle of Wight! 
Having officially set up Hybrid Handmade on Etsy back in June of this year I have the feeling that I joined the Etsy party a little late.  It seems like a very crowded market place.  After listening to a Crafty Pod interview with Megan Auman (of crafting an MBA fame) I knew that I needed to consider other market places to sell my work.  Megan's honest and balanced critique of Etsy confirmed some of my concerns and pushed me to begin to think outside of the Etsy box.

Winter Song brooch worn by Cari-Jane Hakes

You can find information on the Winter Showcase at Atelier Jewellers here.  My work will be exhibited there for sale until 31st December 2010.
Rather appropriately, continuing the winter theme, one of my favourite pieces was chosen for a beautiful Etsy Treasury today by Floralworld.  It is a true symphony of wintry hues that make you want to reach for the nearest woolly jumper.

Etsy Treasury featuring hybrid handmade's Fiercely Femminine necklace
for a limited time you will find it on-line 

Floralworld has a beautiful shop over on Etsy.  This comb really caught my eye - beautiful for a winter wedding (or any other occasion where sparkle is on the menu).

Rhinestone Comb by Floralworld

Brrrr, I'm off to put some more wood on the fire.  Bonne Nuit mes amis!

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  1. Thanks a lot! Your Jewellers are wonderful!



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