Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something different Sunday - The Sketchbook Project 2011

After a stormin' last week of 3 double page spreads I'm afraid I can only offer you 2 this week.  That said, I did re-do a few pages.  As I have got further into the project the style has evolved which has meant that some of the earlier pages looked like they needed a bit of an update.

Pages 30 and 31, The Sketchbook Project by Cari-Jane Hakes

Pages 32 and 33, The Sketchbook Project by Cari-Jane Hakes

The text on the postcard reads as follows - 

When the case was too heavy to pull she made Cedric walk.  This usually happened when he had eaten too many caramel chocolate shortbreads.

If he was honest though, he liked to walk.  It aided his digestion which was a very good thing. 

The pages that got an overhaul were 5 and 6 - 

New text on page 5, The Sketchbook Project 2011
New text on page 6, The Sketchbook Project 2011 by Cari-Jane Hakes

And Oh!  I had much joy!  In my postbox, on Thursday....a real live 'Cedric'!  My sister bought him as a surprise for me.  It really was such a lovely surprise.  I feel that he will become my muse for the rest of The Sketchbook Project.

'Cedric' who can be acquired here

À demain mes amis!

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