Thursday, September 2, 2010

When I grow up I want to be a Knitwear Designer.

From the simplicity of a Kim Hargreaves cropped cardigan
Cherish by Kim Hargreaves
to the complexity of Norah Gaughan and her current obsession with polygons (although this one is more of an extreme exercise in cabling),
Cabled bolero by Norah Gaughan
Lizard Ridge blanket by Laura Aylor
together with the unconfined exuberance of the Lizard Ridge blanket and the magic of Kaffe Fassett - all have me putting down my soldering torch and picking up my knitting needles.
Outlined Star by Kaffe Fassett from the 1985 book Glorious Knitting
So you can imagine my delight when Lina Peterson became the tutor of the evening class I was taking at Morley College in London!
Crocheted Brooches by Lina Peterson
She set us a project back in 2008 to incorporate textile into our jewellery which resulted in this 'Nighttime Pirates' brooch which featured words from the book (The Night Pirates by Peter Harris) on the back of the copper brooch plate.
Nighttime Pirates brooch by Cari-Jane Hakes
I took these ideas further when I made the 'Oh that I could take the stars from the sky and place them round your neck' necklace / brooch.
'Oh that I could take the stars from the sky and place them round your neck'
brooch/necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes
'Oh that I could take the stars from the sky and place them round your neck'
brooch/necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes
So, until I grow up, I will just have to be content with weaving the soft stuff in amongst the metal!


  1. I dream of being a knitwear designer when I grow up almost as much as I dream of being a fabric designer.....what glorious jobs! I just love Norah Gaughan and Kaffe Fassett patterns - they make me want to give up my day job and spend my time playing with beautiful yarn and creating textile masterpieces. Although I have to admit they are so ambitious I haven't been brave enough to start anything of theirs yet.
    I also wanted to say I think your jewelery is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Emma, I am working up to the Norah bolero! I would say the Kaffe Fassett patterns are at least simpler - the complexity is obviously in the colour work. I started with the chilld's 'Outlined Star' - it is a super cozy little jumper and I made it big enough so it will be worn this year for its 3rd winter!

  3. Ooooo...can you post a pic of the bolero when it is done...then I can bask in your talent for a little while and get all inspired.
    I'm thinking I need to get a copy of that kim hargreaves cardi! I have a lots of beautiful fabric waiting to be turned into halter tops, shirts and skirts for this coming summer....I tend to buy highly patterned gorgeous fabrics (amy butler, anna maria horner, MoMo etc)...and they are just begging for a gorgeous simple brown cardi to add a touch of class.
    I'm loving reading your blog...I am finding inspiration in your ideas and your photos. Natural colours and textures, simplicity, and letting objects speak for themselves....wonderful.

  4. Emma thank you so much for your lovely the Nora bolero IS on my list but I need to finish this beautiful Sarah Hatton pattern first ( done in Kaffe Fassett's new Rowan Colourscape yarn. And yes, I'm right with you there on your choice of fabric - last year I did a summer dress with some Amy Butler fabric from her Mid-West Modern range.


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