Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When I grow up I want to be a Textile Designer.

I am drawn to beautiful textiles.  Their graphic lines, their combinations of hue and tone will have me marching across the shop floor to take a closer look.  It often makes me wonder what it would be like to be a Textile Designer.
Helping Hands and Enamel Patterns by Karina Thompson using Georgina von Etzdorf fabric

The vibrancy and intensity of a Georgina von Etzdorf scarf leaves you with a dilemma - do I wear it or simply frame it and behold its beauty as a work of art?
Display of Georgina von Etzdorf scarves

Next up - Orla Kiely.  The woman is a genius.  

The prints have a refined retro feel to them, sometimes quirky, sometimes humorous.  When I lived in London I was able to frequent her popular sample sales which allowed me to acquire more handbags than one women can sensibly use.  

My first 'Orla Kiely' - a present from my Dad - saved for 
Sunday Best, Weddings and summer evenings.

The all purpose Orla Kiely bagged at a London sample sale. 
It can and does go everywhere.
I have a hat to match (!)

My 'spring has sprung' Orla - bought full price, in a moment of 
weakness following the birth of my first son.  I think I may have been seduced by the practicality of its wipe clean exterior!

And finally, the beauty of the fabric that exudes from the fingertips of Clarissa Hulse is a pure joy to behold.  I even remember where I was the first time I saw one of her creations.
Autumn Berries palette by Clarissa Hulse

It is going to be tricky finding time to be Textile Designer, a Fashion Designer, a Letterpress Printer AND a Potter...

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