Thursday, August 5, 2010

When I grow up I want to be a Fashion Designer.

Personally I blame this recent obsession with the fantastic American television show Project Runway, now in its' 8th season.  The crew who film the contestants do a good job of conveying the dedication and perspiration that often goes hand in hand with the creative process.
Other culprits, tipping me over the edge into being a wannabe Fashion Designer include the ribbons, tie backs, tassels and trimmings shop VV Rouleaux.
VV Rouleaux image taken from their blog
The first time I went into their London Marleybone shop I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  The mix is more eclectic than an Englishman's Pimms Party and the range of colours, hues and tones makes a Brazilian street parade seem a tad drab.
The final culprit - a spell working as a project architect for Selfridges, London. That really sealed my fate.  Walking past Marni, DolceGabbanna and Prada on the way to one's coffee break was really rather lovely.
A heavenly creation by Love June Boutique
I actually make a fair few items of my own clothing.  I can make a simple A-line skirt and get a moderately difficult dress to fit me.  But I know, that to get this cut and drape requires more, much more. I look, admire and aspire.
Equally heavenly creation by 
Project Runway season 5 winner Leanne Marshall
 Leanne's work keeps surprising me.  I enjoy the way she disrupts the surfaces of the clothes she designs.  She gives them volume and presence.

Pamela Tang's work by comparison is quiet, minimalistic and in a word...perfect.
 Saffron Dress with hand pleated neckline by Pamela Tang
It epitomes the edict 'Less is More'.  The clothes speak of honesty and have a kind of Amish reductive quality to them.  I personally find them spellbinding.

Finally, there is a part of me (when I'm not attending the opening night at the Royal Opera House in Love June, or assisting as a bridesmaid in Leanne Marshall or being artistic in Pamela Tang) that loves the slightly edgy.  Just a little bit of grit.  For such an occasion Joodito fits the bill.
Celeno by Joodito

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