Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm starting today's post with a bit of process, a photographic insight into a portion of the various stages a piece goes through before it emerges sparkling into the sunlight.

So, here is today's offering all bundled up like a little parcel with binding wire.  This keeps the two halves in place when they get soldered together. Just before I solder I often find myself here, on the threshold of my workshop, swirling the little cone of borax round and round to make the flux which allows the solder to run.  I am listening to 'Alanis Morissette - unpluged' since you ask.  Then the painstaking process begins of applying the little solder pallions around the circumference of the joint.  Then a bit of filing, sanding more filing and a brush with fine wire wool until...

This is a minimal pendant with a hidden complexity.  It has a concealed fixing which allows a tiny hematite sphere to rotate on it's axis.  When worn it has a faint musicality about it as the hematite bead can move and spin.  And of course, the back is a whole other story.

This is definitely one of my more demure pieces, discrete and delicate.

Before I go to begin on something new and challenging, here are some more pairs.  Two I made much earlier.  They are the reason I began on this new path.


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