Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm an inventor!

Well, I feel like one today.  I believe I may have invented the perfect pair of earrings.  As with many major discoveries, it happened when I was actually working on something else (something epic may I add).  And so, may I present (drum roll please....) "Perfectly Pretty and Pure" earrings!

Ingredients: sterling silver and rock crystal
To accompany: everything

Now, see, I am not a big earring person.  They get in the way when you are dashing around and small people have a tendency to grab them (oww!).  So, I generally avoid them.  But not anymore.  These are light, crystal clear and simply elegant.  They pick up the colour of whatever they lie against, but with a little bit of sparkle just to let you know they are there.  The ones I made today are just the same length as my hair and did not get in any ones way as I dashed around today.  I have plans for a variation to this design where the back wire curves as long as the front.  This adjustment may just make them even more perfect (if that is possible).  

Simple simple things, are always the best, don't you agree?

1 comment:

  1. I do agree, and I just gifted these to a good friend, who was delighted. A little bit of France on her earlobes! Mrs L x


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