Monday, June 14, 2010

Enough blue to make a sailor's shirt

Today started out with enough blue in the sky to make a sailor's shirt. Today I felt far away from those who are normally near and dear to me.  Whilst their net is cast wide and long, mine feels a little smaller.  But I stopped, and looked in my net and look what I found.

The lavender just outside my house has started to bloom making my return home smudged in a purple blue haze, vibrating in the breeze and covered in bees.

I am watching as the sunflowers grow, each day changing my horizon of vision and wondering if I will still be able to see the wind turbines which tell me if the weather I see is coming or going.

I found more blue, in unexpected spaces and the blue in the sky grew till it looked like you could make an entire sailor's suit.

I found some green, and then some more blue.

And I watched a small boy in blue fight against the advancing tide.

He lost, but he knows this is how it is and was happy to retreat, home, to rest and to sleep.

My net may be small but I caught some beautiful things today.

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