Monday, May 10, 2010

In my post box

I have been ordering a few cabochons through etsy and they have been arriving in my postbox over the past few weeks. Aren't they fabulous / amazing / beautiful?  When you look at some of them it seems like you are gazing onto another planet, the surface of Jupiter perhaps. They have a history which adds to their enchantment. They are all slices of Indian agate (except for the bottom right which is a Montana agate). These agates lay in a container for 30 years before they were unpacked by Tamara Mello (she has an etsy shop called Madre de Olivia). I have been imagining a kind of Indiana Jones 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' type of warehouse where the slices of agate lay, waiting to be liberated.

Elsewhere on the bench this prototype is taking shape - it is a departure from the 'petits cailloux' series and has meant that I have been able to start work on an epic pendant in silver.  I think it is the largest one I have attempted so far and will be fit for a Princess when I am done with it.

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